Celsito Quintero en concierto

Event Description:

Celsito Quintero “El Principe del Sentimiento”, is proud to present his first record in the great concert “Mi Esencia”, where he will be playing an excellent repertoire of typical songs of his authorship. The young composer will have luxury guests, friends and musicians of great stature that have supported him in his ascending and fruitful career.

Alfredo Escudero, Dania María Vergara, Nenito Vargas, Tavo Flores, Ulpiano Vergara, Kenny & Kiara, Dorindo and Adonis Cárdenas, Abdiel & Manuel, Samy and Sandra, Jhonathan Chávez, will be the greats of the typical music that will accompany Celsito Quintero in the stage.

Artists of the stature of Ulpiano Vergara, Nenito Vargas, Alfredo Escudero, among others have included varied themes composed by “The Prince of Feeling”, which have become real successes. He has been playing music since he was a child, and nowadays he has consolidated his dream of singing to the public “Mi Esencia”.

The concert will be held on Wednesday, March 20, at 8:00 pm at Hotel Los Guayacanes. Tickets are already on sale at TicketPlus.

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