La Pelota de Letras Renovada con Andrés López

Event Description:

If you want to spend an evening full of good humor, where the laughs are guaranteed from beginning to end, we invite you to enjoy “La Pelota de Letras Renovada with Andrés López”. This is an extraordinary staging, which subtly makes a sociological analysis of life in Colombia for decades. Because it has a familiar and educational content, this work is characterized as being a reconciliation between generations and nationalities.

Andrés López is a Colombian comedian and humorist, considered the pioneer of the Stand-up comedy genre in his country.

La Pelota de Letras has been making people laugh for different ages and nationalities for 14 years, Panama will not be the exception. The appointment is Saturday, February 9, at 8:30 p.m. at the La Huaca de Atlapa Theater.

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Video: La Pelota de Letras Renovada "Un celador con memoria RAM". Andrés López comediante.
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