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Osvaldo Ayala Recognized as one of the best accordionists of the World Music icon in Panama with 40 year career is one of the prominent figures of the typical-popular music in Panama is the great innovator and who gave another dimension professional and modern to executive accordion music with our país..Osvaldo is almost the symbol of musical time for a youth who grew up with its rhythms, its joys, a generation of which he is a profile .. is one of the few Panamanian artists who holds the title of Cultural Ambassador of the Republic of Panama and his long career includes presentations in several countries of America and Spain, as well as in international tourism events, jazz and folklore, such as the Universal Exposition in Seville (1992) .

he has alternated with renowned artists such as Ruben Blades, Celia Cruz, Tito Nieves, Carlos Vives, Eddie Palmieri, Gilberto Santa Rosa, El Gran Combo and Raul Di Blasio and others. On November 3, 1995, at the Convention Center Atlapa, he became the first artist of the accordion in Panama in a concert with the National Symphony Orchestra.

Two of his songs, “If You Knew” and “Yearning .. contained in Colombia among the top 100 vallenatos the twentieth century. Osvaldo Ayala, next to Binomio Gold Colombia launches titled ..Prendio .., in an unreleased track name .. ..The parrandon begins as a typical Panamanian music and It ends up as a vallenato.

Topics: you Are My Song and Mi Favorita, lyrics and music by Osvaldo Ayala earned him the 1996 Grammy Award in the Tropical category with the album La Rosa de los Vientos Ruben Blades.
For the year 1998, Osvaldo was the King of Veracruz Carnival in the Afro-Caribbean Festival of Veracruz being the most popular artist of the year at this festival. For that same year Osvaldo participated in the last fair of the century for Europe at Expo 98, Lisbon Portugal, participating three times, twice invited by the Panamanian government.

For the December 31, 1999 Osvaldo Ayala was the typical artist who received the Canal with the Symphony Orchestra of Panama, in a grand presentation at the Administration Building Canal, at exactly 24:01. He also performed at the National Concert “Patria Whole” in memory of the Revert Channel, in which he shared the stage again with countryman Ruben Blades. Osvaldo Ayala is called by his followers .. “The Scorpion Paritilla” .. and considered more than an innovator, an authentic style of a musical revolutionary who was a major event since beginning his career few artists have impacted as did Osvaldo Ayala, who had the virtue of ..tender a bridge between the capital dancers .. and interioranos, as thousands of music fans Ayala were incorporated into the typical ..mundo .. attracted by its cheerful, contagious, different and with a wider projection music. in the beginning leaving adolescence won a Silver Medal dancing in Salta, Argentina, participating in the Third Latin American Folklore Festival in Argentine territory and there became the first Panamanian accordionist recorded abroad for the Odeon label.

After takeoff professional Ayala with his band, success knocked on their doors with the disc ..Mi crying … Since then not only climbed to the best national and international stalls, but has remained until today, sharing the stage with more stars of international show business than any other artist at the national level. With a whole .. ..Ritmos Santeños has performed in many countries and became the first of its kind in conquering the European market.

Graduate degree in economics from the University of Panama, he alternates both activities. It has a great album and was the first to record CDs. In 1971 he was awarded the Order of Vasco Nunez de Balboa in the degree of Comendador and on many occasions has sponsored the contest .. Córdoba ..Gelo he won in 1967.

“The Scorpion Paritilla”, launched under the Panama Jazz Festival 2014, a project dubbed “Transístmico” which runs a renowned teacher: Billy Herron. For more information visit the www.transistmicoproject.com .

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