Piso 21 en concierto

Event Description:

Juan David Castaño, Pablo Mejia, Juan David Huertas and David Escobar, better known as “Piso 21”, arrive in Panama to offer a great and awaited concert, where they will be playing an excellent repertoire, full of successes to delight the public. The famous Colombian group comes to the country to fill with its music, energy and good energies the stage of the Amador Convention Center, where they will be presenting on March 21 at 7:00 p.m.

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PISO 21, The Colombian group nominated for the Latin Grammy as Best New Artist, is the combination of 4 young lovers of music who have managed to captivate thousands of followers and infect them with their romanticism and charisma.

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Video: Piso 21 - Puntos Suspensivos (Vídeo Oficial)
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