Simposio: Buenas Prácticas Clínicas

Event Description:

On Saturday, March 16 from 8:00 A.M. The Good Clinical Practices symposium will be held at the ISCIS Institute. A symposium where you will have the opportunity to know all the most relevant aspects in topics such as:

– Introduction to clinical research.
– Research ethics.
– Ethical conduct of the researcher.
– Responsibility of the researcher.
– Informed consent and its application.
– Serious, not serious, adverse events and their reports.
– Ethics committees.
– Monitoring, audits and inspections.
– File in research (Source Document and CRF).
– Regulatory documents.
– Protection of human beings: Confidentiality and privacy.

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Tel .: 392-6740 / 392-6741 · Cel: 68420911/62419896
Email: [email protected]

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