Vivir en Bienestar aplicando la Ley de Atracción

Event Description:

From next Wednesday, April 18th The Circle of Personal Realization (CRP) will be holding the Workshop: “Living in Wellness by Applying the Law of Attraction”, where you can learn to live enjoying life and always waiting for the best result at the same time that you handle the Law of Attraction favorably for you. The event will take place in Torres de las Americas at 6:30 pm.

CRP is a new style of Personal Growth that is based on improving the vibration implanting positive thinking as a way of life, in this way practitioners improve the perception of themselves and their environment, recognize their personal abundance and seize to create situations of life in Happiness, Abundance and Ease.

The cost is $ 150.00, which can be canceled in parts according to the capacity of each participant during the time of the six-week course. Includes International CRP Practitioner Certificate and is the first Level to obtain vibrational coach certification.

For more information, please contact: 65075180 / [email protected]

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