8 Festival Internacional de Danza de Panamá: Prisma

Event Description:

As part of the presentations made at the 8th International Festival of Contemporary Dance of Panama “PRISMA”, which will take place from October 3 to 13, we invite you to enjoy “Pinot Noir” of the company LAJAMARTIN ( USES). The performance will be on Wednesday, October 9, at 8:00 pm at the Anita Villalaz Theater.

“Pinot Noir”, through a series of fortuitous events, two people from two very different places are on a similar trip. As the story unfolds, we see them navigate through life and the places through which it takes them.

LAJAMARTIN is a physical dance theater company founded by Laja Field and Martin Durov in 2017. Focused on presenting a highly physical work, a large part of the aesthetic is based on the traditional Slovak folk dance that evoke the individual imagination. The hyperdynamic movement defined by musicality and rhythm is a fundamental aspect of its movement vocabulary and dance style.

“Prisma” is an independent project of Contemporary Scene, under the direction of Analida Galindo and Ximena Eleta de Sierra. It has been created for the promotion and development of contemporary dance in Panama. Through a set of national and international artist shows, street performances, workshops, master classes, projections and conversations.

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Video: PROMOLajaMartin Promo2 Final
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