A calzón quitao

Event Description:

“A calzón quitao” is the show presented by the renowned Colombian comedian “Alexander Ospina”, where you will cry but laugh with all the anecdotes that his life will be telling, the comedian will tell, everything he has done and has happened, without hide anything and the best will do it in the funniest way.

The presentation will be held at the Marriott Hotel Grand Canal Hall, on Friday, October 18 at 7:00 pm.

For information and to purchase your ticket, contact Shirley Tlcpty at: 6241-9751 / 388-6334 / [email protected]

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“Alexander Ospina”: is one of the largest Influencers in Colombia and Latin America, with a reach of more than 4 million followers through @TeAmoHijoTV. His parody videos have led him to be a finalist of the ‘Digital Stars Awards’ in the United States, to establish himself as a stand-up comedian, participant of ‘2017 Novel Protagonists’ at RCN and invited to conferences in different parts of the world.

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