Acoustics Live

Event Description:

Selina (Casco Viejos), organizes a wonderful evening for all those who like to have a good time, and there is no better day than Wednesdays, in the middle of the week, where after a long day of work you want to distract yourself, have fun and leave stress aside.

On August 21, from 08:00 PM, you can be part of an incomparable night with “Acoustics Live”, where the best local singers will be present at the stage, who with their beautiful voices, themes and instruments will make each One of his songs will reach your soul and do not forget the most fantastic hours of live music of your life.

While you watch the show, the work team of the place will attend to you in the way you deserve, offering you the promotions in drinks, accessible bottles so that you can offer with your companions. Do not miss it invites friends.

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