ArtBox Digital

Event Description:

They are invited to the inauguration of the “ArtBox Digital” Exhibition, a digital art exhibition about Africa. The exhibition seeks precisely to bring the Panamanian population closer to a world that has not been explored until now, which is that of the contemporary arts in Africa, and particularly that of the digital arts.

ArtBox Digital shows a current, young, dynamic and creative Africa. And it presents to the public a new universe full of meaning and messages about current and global problems with which the artists of the continent are identified all over the world: the use of social networks, the consumer society, ethnic origins, religion … are just some examples of the themes expressed in this selection.

This exhibition is part of the program of traveling exhibitions of ArtBox Digital and the strategy of diffusion of the 2019-2020 contest, open to all and all contemporary artists from Africa and Latin America interested in exploring the new aesthetics that result from the current revolution technological In a concrete way, this expository and formative proposal is an invitation to the artists of Panama to participate in the Africa-Latin America ArtBox Digital network.

The exhibition opens on Tuesday, May 21, at 7:30 p.m. in the French Alliance and can be seen until Tuesday, June 4. Entrance is free and open.

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