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“Carambola • Children’s Film Program” arrives in Panama with a series of short films about Environment. It is a project with an integrative vision, which aims to educate the eyes of the youngest towards a quality audiovisual culture.

Born as an artisanal traveling cinema in a small town of Huesca (Spain) in 2015 and with the intention of bringing cinema closer to the rural areas of northern Aragon, the leitmotif of the project has always been to be able to participate in the first approaches to a large screen of children offering creative content, independent and rich in values.

“Carambola” will be presented on Saturday, July 20, at 2:00 pm at the Cultural Center of Spain Casa del Soldado, admission is free. The following shorts will be screened:

– Geno, directed by Dato Kiknavelidze (Georgia, 2017). Duration 13 min: The great toad Geno and his neighbors are forced to find a new habitat because a large construction site invades the pond where they live. Geno only cares about himself until he realizes that they will only survive if everyone works together.

– The right way of director Emilio Yebra (Spain, 2016). Duration 4 min: In nature there are situations that occur once every long time. In The Right Way several of these situations occur in the same day and in the same space.

– Nimbus, or caçador de nuvens, directed by Marco Nick (Brazil, 2016). Duration 16 min: In a small village surrounded by a dense forest, there is a special inhabitant known as Nimbus, the cloud hunter. A boy capable of materializing his dreams in beautiful balloons that float all the time. When a great storm arrives at the village, Nimbus needs to start a fantastic adventure through the forest to capture the great and furious clouds.

– Plastic, directed by Sébastien Baillou (France, 2017). Duration 7 min: By 2050 there will be more plastic than fish in the oceans. A bird flies over a colorful world of plastic.

– BZZZ, directed by Anna Cetti and Guicho Nuñez (Mexico, 2016). Duration 4 min: A girl has a great affinity with bees, and ends up going to the limit to protect her community from themselves.

– Lambs by director Gottfried Mentor (Germany, 2015). Duration 4 min: Two sheep do not get their little lamb to say “bee”, he always says “moo”. Looking around he sees that there are other rebellious little lambs like her.

– Johnny Express, directed by Woo Kyungmin (South Korea, 2015). Duration 6 min: Johnny, a messenger of the space delivery, travels through space to deliver a package. Your ship soon arrives at a very small planet where you need to deliver the package. The package is so small that you have to look through a magnifying glass to see it.

 Johnny walks around the planet, looking for the receiver. However, he can not see anyone or anything and does not realize that this advanced extraterrestrial civilization is so extremely small and almost invisible.

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