Chayanne “Desde el Alma Tour 2019”

Event Description:

The renowned singer, songwriter, dancer and actor from Puerto Rico “Chayanne” arrives in his “Desde el Alma Tour 2019”. The beloved artists will once again fall in love with their fans, in an energetic presentation and with an impeccable staging, where they will make a journey through their musical career, interpreting all those themes that have been successful in their artistic career.

“Chayanne” is an idol in all the extension of the word, talented, charismatic, handsome that has managed to stay in the arena of the show over the years. If you want to enjoy this presentation, which will undoubtedly be unforgettable, we invite you to the Amador Convention Center on Thursday, August 29, at 9:00 p.m.

Tickets are on sale at Panatickets. Acquire yours NOW! Click on the ticket button and you can see the details of the tickets!

Another Magic Dreams event.

Video: Chayanne - Di Qué Sientes Tú (Official Video)
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