Concurso de Karaoke con la One Two

Event Description:

“Karaoke contest with the One Two”. This will be a different show, where the queen of humor will make a spectacular presentation of the contestants, sing and as always make them laugh with their funny occurrences.

We invite you to register and participate by demonstrating your talent in singing, making your best interpretation of that favorite theme and singer. Famous artists will be on the jury, the first confirmed is “Emely Myles”, one of the best voices in the country.

Registration with Gilberto Marengo at: 6886-8990. Reservations and information: 203-7302 / 6025-0492

Tickets on sale at TicketPlus. Click on the ticket button and you will be able to see the ticket details!

Video: La One Two | A calzón Quitao | Iván Barrios
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