Conversatorio La Tradición y las Polleras de Antón

Event Description:

ANTON is characterized as a town rich in traditions. Among them are:

– The white delicacy
– The guacho in totuma
– The pickled cow
– The Handsome Bull Festival

Something very characteristic of this region is its wardrobe, whose skirt is known as the “picarona”, which has a shirt with two washers and a skirt of flowers.

Admiralty is an instrument used by Antoneros to accompany the drum, which is always guided by a box.

On these topics will discuss the next conversation “The Tradition and the Polleras de Antón”, with suitable exhibitors of the town:

– Denia Garagate
– Hayde Cantillo
– Victor Garcia

They will be talking about: Drums, Almirez and Dance of the handsome bull. As well as more details of the beautiful Antonera skirt: History, Types of skirt, Measures, cut and sew, Jeweler.

Guest queens will be present and there will be entrance prizes. Reserve your quota: 6330-4435

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