Corpus Christi 2019

Event Description:

As every year the “Corpus Christi 2019” will be celebrated, this is a religious, folkloric and cultural festival, “Living Cultural Heritage of Panama”. The Dance Rescue Association “Miguel LLeguízamo” has been in charge of promoting the conservation of this tradition and the study of its origins. They have the support of the National Institute of Culture (INAC) and the Tourism Authority of Panama.

The Festival begins this Saturday, June 15, 2019, it is the eve of the Holy Trinity and at noon the diablada of the Simón Bolívar Park leaves exploding rockets in its path, for that reason they are known as “devils encueta’os”.

Corpus Christi promotes the Body and Blood of Christ present in the Eucharist in honor of our creator. The origin of this festivity goes back to the European medieval period, before its arrival in America. Here nationals and tourists will meet to join this celebration.

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Video: Corpus Christi 2019 - Patrimonio Vivo
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