Curso de “Lectura Crítica de la Literatura Médica”

Event Description:

On Saturday, February 23, 2019, the course “Critical Reading of Medical Literature” will be held at the ISCIS Institute, which will be led by Dr. Paulino Vigil de García. It is addressed to medical specialists, general practitioners, resident doctors, internal doctors, graduates in nursing, nursing technicians, medical visitors, health teachers and all health professionals in general.

The objectives of this course are: learn to interpret sensitivity, predictive value, meaning of P, relative risk, meta-analysis and systematic review, interpret the importance of an article, know the level of evidence of each publication, analyze the impact of a journal or Publication and much more.

Open enrollment. For more information, call us: Tel: 392-6740 / 392-6741 · Cel: 6842-0911 / 6241-9896 or write us at: [email protected]

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