Del Cielo a la Tierra

Event Description:

“From Heaven to Earth” is the conference with which Julio Bevione returns to Panama. where in the simple and clear way that characterizes it will show us a possible and earthly spiritual path. How can we live in peace even in the midst of chaos? Is there a destiny to fulfill? How far does our personal power go? Is there a past that determines us? Why do we get sick?

Answers to questions like these will mark a step-by-step presentation at this conference, to walk more clearly in this world, with the vision of the spirit, but with your feet on the ground. Bevione will give the clear vision of that internal power that we rarely use because we had not noticed it and that it can transform everything.

The Conference will be held on Tuesday, November 19, at 07:00 P.M, at the Pacific Theater. Tickets are on sale at Panatickets.

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Julio Bevione: born in Cordoba, in central Argentina. After a long walk, at 24 he decided to live in the United States, between Miami and New York. He does many things: he has written 11 books, he lectures traveling in Latin America, the United States and Europe, he shares retreats, which I have called Spiritual Boot Camp, he has a radio program called “I listen to you” in Miami Radio News, it has been editor of a magazine and newspaper columnist, among other things.

For information you can contact: +507 6131-8778 or visit the attached links.

Video: ¿Por qué no logro lo que deseo alcanzar? - Julio Bevione
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