Destruction Madness Party

Event Description:

A unique way to close the weekend will be Sunday, August 18, where you will live an unusual night, urban music, DJs and renowned singers will be the protagonists of “DESTRUCTION MADNESS PARTY” at the Farra Bar and Disco , the best meeting of national talents in one night.

The singers who will be on stage sharing their songs so that you sing and dance together to them will be: “The Roockie, Livity Crew, Tobe Love, Wiz Naziz, Anubikiss and Golden City Crew”. On the display, specialists in seizing the rhythm and driving the track will be: “Dj Dutty, Dj Crazy Killa and El Virux”.

Do not miss this opportunity as it is done for all lovers of the good and you are one of them. For more information, you can contact the numbers: 6307-0433, 6324-3011 or visit the attached links

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