Día de Esterilización

Event Description:

Fundación San Francisco de Asis informs you that “Sterilization Day will be held at its adoption center, on Saturday from 08:00 A.M to 12:00 P.M, (on arrival order). The procedure will be applied to dogs and cats, Creoles and of race.

‣ You can take that dog or cat from 2 months of age.
‣ If your dog or cat is freshly born, you can operate it after the month of having had the young.
‣ Fasting animals, 8 hours adults and 6 hours puppies are mandatory.
‣ Carry the cats in a sheath.
‣ We do not accept females or pregnant women, nor in heat.
‣ Apply a small ear cut by the only effective and universally accepted method to identify spayed or neutered stray cats.
‣ Dogs get a tattoo on the inside of their ear as a method to identify that they are neutered.
* Medicines will be sold

For information and to separate your quota, you must contact: 267-1502 or visit the attached links.

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