Diplomado: la hipnosis y sus aplicaciones terapéuticas

Event Description:

If you want to know and learn about Hypnosis and its therapeutic applications, then get ready to participate in the “Diploma: hypnosis and its therapeutic applications” which will be carried out at the ISCIS Institute on Fridays from April 5 to the August 2nd.
You will know the techniques of hypnosis and how to apply them according to different cases. Learn to apply the different degrees according to specific needs and learn to implement correct suggestions and individually by doing a job at a personal level to promote the effectiveness of the sessions. Directed to: Doctors, Psychologists and graduate students of these disciplines.

Dr. Alberto Cobián Mena- Medical Psychologist (Cuba).
Dr. Adriana Shaik de Sandoval- Clinical Psychologist.
Dr. Olivia Sandoval Shaik- Clinical Psychologist.
Dr. Santiago Gordón Barrios- Physiologist.
Dr. Ricardo Turner Barragán- Clinical Psychologist.
Dr. Raquel Gutiérrez de Mock- Family Doctor.
Mgter. Hilda De Alcántara Ch. Picóloga. R. Humans.

For more information: Tel .: 392-6740 / 392-6741 · Cel: 68420911/62419896.

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