El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico “55 Aniversario”

Event Description:

The Great Salsa Orchestra “El Combo de Puerto Rico” celebrates its 55th Anniversary and does it in style, performing a spectacular concert, where you will stroll throughout its extensive musical career, through an extensive repertoire, full of rhythm.

The Gran Combo was founded in May 1962 by Rafael Ithier, who was for many years the pianist of the orchestra and its musical director. The group is known for themes such as “Falsaria”, “A Summer in New York”, “Elimination of Ugly”, “White Leaves”, “Raindrops”, “Death”, “It was gone”, “Azuquita para ‘l coffee’, “Pilito’s party”, “The menu”, “There is no bed for so many people”, “I freed myself”, “To the queen”, “The tennis”, “Julia”, among others.

For this occasion there will be special guests, the “India” will delight the audience with their powerful voice and “Lalo Rodríguez”, adorning the stage with the interpretation of their best known themes. The orchestra “Sociedad Anónima” and “Osvaldo Ayala” with their classics will be the worthy representatives of Panamanian talent.

Estar will be an unforgettable evening, where lovers of salsa will be part of an unprecedented show. The concert will be held on Saturday, August 31, from 07:00 P.M, at the Amador Convention Center.

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Video: El Gran Combo - Gotas de lluvia
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