Elaboración de Papel Primario

Event Description:

In Fundación Alemán Healy (Fundahrte) the “Primary Paper Production Workshop” will be given, which will be taught by “Endemic” on Monday, June 17 and Wednesday, June 19, from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm, with a total of 4 hours. It is suitable for people +16 years.

In Ancient Egypt it was written on papyrus from the year 3,000 BC. This is the first record of a material with the properties associated with the current paper. It was not until 1006 AD. The first technique to produce paper based on organic materials such as cotton, hemp, silk, cloth fiber and rice straw is developed in China.

At present there are countless varieties of paper, each with unique properties.

This workshop teaches the basic techniques for producing primary pulp using recycled fiber and organic matter.

For information and reservations to: info @ fundahrt

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