Especial del Día de las Madres por Liusben Silva

Event Description:

This Saturday, December 8 Malecón Tapeo celebrates Mother’s Day in style, as moms deserve it, and they do it with the live performance of nothing more and nothing less than Liusben Silva. He arrives to make everyone present dance and enjoy, especially those fabulous and extraordinary mothers who deserve the best of the world for their dedication and commitment to their children. In addition, we will have promotions in bottles and 2×1 cocktails until 10:00 p.m.

So get ready to dance, sing and have fun in a great atmosphere, book now online at, via email to [email protected] or by calling 389-2561 / 6747-1037.

Video: Liusben Silva Ft. Roberto Delgado y Orquesta - Cantaré con una Orquesta
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