Festival de Diablos y Congos 2019

Event Description:

Next April 27, the “11th Festival of Devils and Congos” will be held in Portobelo, where there will be a spectacular display of art and folklore, with the presentation of the different groups of congos, devils, musicians and singers from various cities of the country and the capital of the province of Colon. They present to the public their best skills and creations in masks, costumes, dances and songs.

Complementary activities will be carried out for the enjoyment of the crowd such as: handicrafts fair, drinks and typical foods of the region, as well as photographic and / or plastic exhibitions related to these Afro-colonial manifestations.

The Devils and Congos Festival had its origin at the end of 1999 when a group of Puerto Ricans, led by Mr. Raúl Jiménez, worried about the loss of their ethnic and roots traditions and values, decided to organize themselves through the group “Historical Highlight of Portobelo “, with the main objective of working to maintain, preserve and disseminate its vernacular manifestations.
This year the “Festival of Congos and Devils” will be held under the theme “Congo Culture: Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity”, greeting and celebrating the recent designation made by Unesco of these traditions and Afro-colonial customs, typical of our country.

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