Finanzas Facilitas

Event Description:

Wopa! Each of us has a finance system. Maybe you are aware of yours and maybe not. Some help us grow and others crush us.

You have the right to have your money make you grow. And this program is perfect to create your new personal finance system and / or ventures.


1. Understand what mental state and financial quadrant you are currently in.
2. The 4 types of investors.
3. Create your new personal rules to generate and maintain wealth.
4. Define your 3 main financial goals.
5. Create 2 main tables that tell the story of your new financial structure.
6. When leaving the workshop and applying these tools, you will notice that the workshop paid for itself, because you will save money in your life. The magic of learning to invest instead of spending.

This workshop offers a wide variety of tools that will allow you to put them into practice for the benefit of your professional life.

The appointment is for Sunday, May 19th at 08:00 A.M.

Whatsapp +507 6236-8530, [email protected] or visit the links attached.

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