Francofonía 2019: Cine

Event Description:

La Francophonía 2019 presents the Moroccan film “Adiós Carmen”, by director Mohamed Amin Benamraoui on Tuesday, March 26, at 7:00 p.m. in the Alianza Francesa. Entrance is free. It is the first film in Rifeño, starring the Spanish actress Paulina Gálvez.

Synopsis: 1975. Rif region, northern Morocco. Amar, ten years old, lives with a very violent uncle while waiting for the dubious return of his mother, who has gone to Belgium. Amar befriends Carmen, a Spanish exile who has fled because of the Franco regime, and works in the town’s cinema.

Carmen helps him discover a world unknown to him: the world of cinema and true friendship. Soon the first tensions between Morocco and Spain begin to reveal themselves, and when Franco dies, Carmen must return to her country.

The Riffian is a variety of the Berber languages ​​spoken by the Riffians, the inhabitants of the Rif, the mountainous region in northeastern Morocco. Goodbye Carmen is the first film production of this community.

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Video: Bande-annonce du film Adios Carmen - Trailer Adios Carmen
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