Gondwana en Festival 4/20

Event Description:

The most recognized reggae band in Spanish, “Godwana”, arrives to lead the presentations of the “Festival 4/20”. This will be a great gathering of excellent national and international artists, who will give an unprecedented concert, where each will perform all their successes, taking the audience to a musical ecstasy with each rhythm and style shown on stage.

The crowd will be able to enjoy the presentations of “Llevarte Marte”, representing rock, and reggae will be “Kafu Banton”, “Mitchen Brunings” with a tribute to “Bob Marley”, “The Rookie”, and “Black Lyon Crew” . It will be a waste of talent, rhythm and good vibes that will flood your senses.

The “Festival 4/20 will be held on Saturday, April 20, from 2:00 pm in Coronado, next to the Equestrian Club.

Gondwana is a Chilean reggae musical group, created by I-Locks Labbé in 1987 in the town of La Pincoya. One of the pioneer and most recognized bands of reggae sound in Spanish, they have released 8 studio albums, a compilation album and a live DVD recorded in Buenos Aires, Argentina. They have been twice nominated for the Gardel Awards in Argentina.

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Video: Gondwana - Felicidad (Video Oficial)
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