Grand Launch Event

Event Description:

Be part of an exclusive CashFX weekend in Panama! at the Hard Rock Megapolis Hotel, from November 8 to 10 with “CFX Grand Launch Event”.

This event is designed to introduce you to the company, the latest and most advanced tools and techniques, and to open your eyes to the unlimited potential surrounding the Forex Market!

Who should attend?
1. Anyone considering trading in Forex
2. Anyone who wants to create an additional income stream
3. Anyone who wants to use the structured plans offered by CashFX to ensure future success
4. Anyone who has experience in the mlm industry and wants to be part of a mlm revolution
5. Anyone who wants to know about CashFX’s future plans
6. Anyone who wants to take advantage of the energy, enthusiasm and opportunity associated with CashFX
7. Any person currently on a team that wants to join the CashFX movement.

“CashFX” is a company founded by an international team of experts in project management and financial markets, associated with a highly trained staff in the educational area with the purpose of helping people master the necessary knowledge of negotiation to succeed , backed by advanced technology and professionals oriented to help you achieve your goals.

They combine assisted trading systems with algorithms in the financial markets of Forex, Network Marketing and Interactive Educational Programs, creating a unique experience for users.

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Video: CFX Grand Launch Event 2019
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