Grandes de la Salsa

Event Description:

“Grandes de la Salsa” a complete show where “Maelo Ruíz, Luisito Carrión and Pedro Arroyo” will be presented in concert, three renowned singers of the salsa genre who will do their thing on stage, providing an unprecedented show performing all their successes. The local talent will be very well represented by “Nando López and his orchestra.”

It will be a completely danceable evening, where three great Puerto Ricans, worthy representatives of the Latin rhythm and each one with their unique and unparalleled style come together on the same stage. Salsa lovers will have a real musical feast.

The concert will be held on Saturday, May 30, at 9:00 pm in the Atlapa Islands. For information and reservations: 6632-4384

Tickets are on sale at Panatickets. Click on the tickets button and you can see the details of the tickets!

“Maelo Ruíz”: is a singer of romantic salsa, born in New York, but raised in Puerto Rico, began his professional career when he became the first voice of Pedro Conga and his International Orchestra, to which he belonged for 7 years and I record 4 productions.

“Lusito Carrión”: considered one of the best Puerto Rican soneros of today, he has had a fruitful musical career that, although he has not expressed himself openly in his solo stage, has led him to be part of many of the most important groups tropical of your country.

“Pedro Arroyo”: Puerto Rican singer, salsa genre. He began his career in 1981, where he formed his own orchestra called “La Nueva”. He was also part of the Guayacán Orchestra. Already at the young age of six he began to express his love for singing. His career has always been on the rise, being recognized as a singer and songwriter.

Video: He Vuelto Por Ti, Maelo Ruiz - Video Oficial
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