II Foro de Gobernanza de Internet

Event Description:

City of Knowledge will host the “Internet Governance Forum”, an event at the regional level that seeks to generate a space for dialogue on the development of the Internet and New Technologies. It will be held on Wednesday, July 24, from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. at the City of Knowledge Convention Center, Building 184

The forum will have the participation of actors involved in the construction of the Panamanian digital ecosystem, from the private sector, government and civil society organizations. Actors involved in the development of Internet in the country agree, through dialogues, to facilitate a common understanding on how to maximize the opportunities offered by the Internet and how to successfully overcome the challenges that arise when you want to use it as a lever for the development.

During this second edition of the event in Panama, it seeks to address issues related to digital economy, cybersecurity, privacy, access and inclusion in the use of the Internet and others, from the perspectives of the public sector, business, academia and society civil.

This is a free entry event, open to the public. For more information we invite you to visit the attached links or write to: [email protected]

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