Isaac Junkie en concierto

Event Description:

Murphy’s California Kitchen Pub, invites you on Saturday 16 and Sunday 17 March, to a spectacular presentation, “Isaac Junkie in concert”, will be two days of good music, where you will travel in time to a golden age of the song. They will be sharing the stage “The Sisters of Mercy” with Antony Marr on the guitar and the Panamanian DJ Tenshi.

“Isaac Junkie” is one of the best Latin American electronic specialists of the 80s, he will be giving his biggest success hits on the radio during his career for 18 years as: “A place”. “Walking away”, “Talking about love”, “I’m lost in you” among many others.

It will be a magnificent evening to relive those moments that caused a sensation. And as you can not miss, do not miss the promotions in drinks, bottles to complete the night.

“Isaac Junkie” talented dj and Mexican musician has worked with important vocalists of the 80’s like Andy Bell of Erasure, MIke Score of A flock of seagulls, Paul Robb of Information Society and Glenn Gregory of Heaven 17 among many others. His successful songs have been included in the cd “The Essential 1998-2014” and some of the EP “Looking for you” (2018) that he recently released with the vocal collaboration of Mike Score of A flock of seagulls.

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Video: Isaac Junkie feat. Max Demian "A place" Official video (2008)
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