Jornada de Limpieza de los alrededores del PNM

Event Description:

The Metropolitan Natural Park, invites you to participate on Sunday, August 25, 2019 at 08:00 AM, in the “Cleaning Day around the PNM” whose motto is “PROTECT MY LEGACY, THINK GREEN” commemorating the Day World National Parks.

Its objective is to educate citizens about the importance of keeping Park boundaries clean and creating a culture of social responsibility with our environment.
We regularly try to keep our homes in optimal conditions to avoid pests, bad smells and other undesirable things.

Similarly, public and recreational spaces, such as squares, parks, beaches, rivers, forests and many others, are special places that we can visit with family or friends, having fun and leaving us amazed by its beauty.

If we do not want them to disappear and become insecure places, we must take care of them like our homes.

For more information: 232-5552 / 5516 or email [email protected] or visit the attached links.

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