Kabbalah 3

Event Description:

The Kabbalah Center of Panama invites you to attend “Kabbalah 3” this July 24, from 07:30 pm to 08:30 pm at its facilities. Information will be imparted on the following topics:

1. Devekut – Adhering with the Light of the Creator

2. Divine Inspiration – We are all psychics

3. Ana Bekoach and Tikkun Hanefesh – The Meditation of the Kabbalists

4. Sefiroth – Inner light, surrounding light

5. The 4 Phases – How does the physical world work according to the spiritual plan?

6. Reincarnation – 1, Why do we experience pain and why do we die?

7. Reincarnation – 2, Levels of the soul – the circle of life, the journey of the soul.

9. Angels

For more information, contact: 396-5270 / [email protected]

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