La mejor hallaca no la hace mi mamá

Event Description:

“The best find is not done by my mother.” This is a Live Cooking Stand presented by Venezuelan chef Juan Carlos Burgos “JuanC”. A fun culinary show where he tells why he learned to prepare his ham bread, pork leg, chicken salad, among other dishes and his frustration at the repeated phrase “… the best find is my mother …”

A presentation flavored with bagpipes and parrandas that will dazzle all foodies, there will be Christmas recipes, anecdotes, guests, music and surprises. A show, which without a doubt, you can not miss.

The presentation will be held on Sunday, December 8, at 5:00 pm at Pacific Theater. Tickets are on sale at Panatickets.

“JuanC”, who from a young age has been linked to the Kitchen and the show business, is a publicist, producer, prefers to call himself Self-taught Cook. In December 2016 he decided to share his experiences and anecdotes of his kitchen, presenting the innovative theatrical concept “STAND LIVE COOKING” that allows to make live cooking a fun show.

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