La Ventana del cine español

  • Flyers:
  • Date: Monday October 21, 2019 - Friday October 25, 2019
  • Time: See Event Description
  • Venue:
  • Address: Vía Simón Bolívar (Transístmica) con la intercepción de la Vía Manuel Espinosa Batista y José De Fábrega, en la Universidad de Panamá al lado de la Caja de Ahorros
    El Cangrejo, Panama
  • Price: Free
  • Parking: Street, Parking Lot/Structure
  • Categories: Arts & Culture - Free

Event Description:

Cultural Center of Spain – Casa del Soldado presents the second sample of the program “The Window of Spanish cinema”, where they will have the opportunity to approach the work of five Spanish directors with different concerns and themes.

Through different genres – from drama, through dramatic comedy to documentary -, this program aims to offer a small panorama of the demanding and varied contemporary Spanish cinematography.

In this second cycle, you will enjoy the following movies:

– Monday, October 21st. 3, 5 and 7 pm.

“One Gun in each Hand”: Eight men around 40 who, baffled and perplexed, are involved in everyday situations that reflect their main conflict: the male identity crisis. Their inability to express what they feel leads them to comic and pathetic situations that leave women stunned.

– Tuesday 22 October. 3, 5 and 7 pm.

“Obaba”: Based on the homonymous novel by Bernardo Atxaga. Lourdes (Barbara Lennie) is a young woman who undertakes a trip to the lands of Obaba. He carries with him a small video camera with which he wants to catch the reality of that world and its people. He wants to capture the present, but soon discovers that those who live there are anchored in a past from which they cannot – or do not want – to escape.

But, little by little, thanks above all to Miguel (Juan Diego Botto), a young and cheerful young man with whom he befriends, he is getting to know bits and pieces of their lives: their childhood, their youth, their lost illusions: the young teacher who walks his loneliness through the streets of Obaba, the teenager Esteban, who receives love letters in cream-colored envelopes. However, there is always something that escapes, which Lourdes fails to understand. Like the mysterious behavior of the lizards of Obaba.

– Wednesday, October 23. 3, 5 and 7 pm.

“Black Diamonds”: After being caught in Mali by a football scout, the young Amadou and Moussa leave their country, escaping poverty, and arrive in Madrid pursuing the dream of succeeding as soccer players. The tour they do in Spain, Portugal and northern Europe will show them the shadows of the king sport.

– Thursday, October 24. 3, 5 and 7 pm.

“Julia Ist”: Before going to Berlin from Erasmus, the future seemed very clear to Júlia. Once there, completely alone for the first time, she realizes that she does not know herself as well as she thought and that she has no idea what she wants to do. Júlia will have to take on the challenge and try to lead a new life in the crowded German capital.

– Friday, October 25. 3, 5 and 7 pm.

“Pan Negro”: After the Spanish Civil War, Farriol (Elisa Crehuet) and his son, Andreu (Francesc Colomer), are forced to separate when Farriot’s old rival and former business partner is found dead.

Admission is free and the screenings will be held at the University Cinema. For more information visit the attached links.

Video: Trailer - Una pistola en cada mano
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