Leer imágenes: bajo la superficie

Event Description:

How to understand photography in a world saturated with images? Photographic appreciation workshop. “Learn to read images: under the surface”. This instruction is an immersive experience to discover clues that help us understand the visual language.

The exhibition of photos that will be exhibited in the Arteconsult room will be analyzed, as well as the work of other writers and artists. The background reflection will be to understand our own photographic work, the way we look and the evolution of this branch of art.

The Workshop will be given by Tova Katzman on Wednesday from September 11 to 25, from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm at the German Healy Foundation (FUNDHARTE).

Suitable for 16+. For information and reservations contact: [email protected] / 226-6866

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