Mamá está más chiquita

Event Description:

“Mom is more small” in its second season, the most beautiful work in the world that you can enjoy, by Ignacio Olivera and Juan Pablo Schapira, will be presented at Teatro Pacific from Tuesday to Sunday, from January 15 to February 2. With a great cast consisting of: Melanie Vizuete, Cristina de la Fuente, Raúl Herrera, Giancarlo Marine and Sarai Guevara.

Rita has two children: Diego, eighteen, and Clara, sixteen. Diego is very sensitive. All life was special, but in recent years his fantasy universe has been gaining ground over the rawness of the real world.

Clara is a teenager who tries to free herself from the oppressive environment of her house, from the hand of her boyfriend Germán. Rita is a very present mother. Maybe too much. Rita receives news that questions her claims to control and protect the nest for a lifetime. It is getting smaller, and sooner or later it will disappear.

The story takes place between reality and fantasy. Or rather, in a reality intervened and augmented by fantasy. When open dialogue is feared, the game seems to be the most viable way to face certain truths.

Functions and schedules:
– Tuesday to Saturday at 8:30 pm
– Sundays at 7:30 pm
** Monday No function **

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