Morat en concierto

Event Description:

On Thursday, September 19th, the talented and award-winning Colombian band “Morat” will arrive at the Amador Convention Center, who will be offering a fabulous live concert with the best of folk-pop, they will be performing all their songs to delight their fans, Making them spend an unparalleled musical evening. It will be a presentation full of successes that will excite the public.

Morat is a Colombian folk pop band formed in Bogotá in 2005, formed by Simón Vargas Morales, Juan Pablo Isaza, Martín Vargas Morales and Juan Pablo Villamil. They reached international success for their single My new vice, which was performed with Mexican singer Paulina Rubio; the band is considered one of the “new promises” of Latin American Balkan pop.

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Video: Morat - Cuando Nadie Ve (Live) | Vevo X
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