Neguito Borjas en concierto

Event Description:

“Neguito Borjas in concert”. The Venezuelan singer-songwriter presents himself for the first time in the country, to welcome Christmas, in a presentation at the rhythm of bagpipes. He will be performing all his hits in an intimate show, only for 300 people.

If you wish to participate in this special concert, we invite you to attend on Saturday, December 7, at 08:00 P.M at Latitude 47.

Tickets are on sale at Panatickets. Click on the ticket button and you will be able to see the ticket details!

“Neguito Borjas”, the illustrious son of Cabimas, has a marketing degree, singer, composer of Venezuelan regional music of the bagpipe genre. With only 11 years he began to compose. Its beginning in the musical world was in the decade of the 70´s, it was integrated to the Venezuelan group Gran Coquivacoa, it has composed songs of great piper success such as: Sin Rencor, La Alianza. Las Cabras, Punta Icotea, El Enlosao, among many others.

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Video: Prohibido Olvidar - Neguito Borjas - Video Oficial
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