Ernesto Ferreyra en vivo

Event Description:

On Thursdays, they are special at La Buat Panamá with “Noches de Invierno”, where the musical atmosphere is perfect, for lovers of nightlife, as they will have the presentation from the display with a special guest from Argentina “Ernesto Ferreyra” , and a team that accompanied him made up of: “David Berckley, Luccas & Carrillo”. You can not let them tell you about this great night full of surprises, come with your friends and have fun.

Their mixes of electronic music, Techno, House Music, among others, will make sound shudder every corner of the place, a spectacular light show, the evening will be perfect and you will dance all night without stopping.

The invitation is for Thursday, June 13, from 09:00 P.M. Promotions in drinks, drinks, cocktails, bottles, is what you will find in the bar of the place.

For more information, reservations and list, you must contact the number: 6848-3030 or visit the links attached.

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Video: Ernesto Ferreyra Boiler Room, Buenos Aires
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