Reik Tour 2019

Event Description:

The pop band of the moment “Reik” arrives in his Tour 2019, to offer a great concert, where they will be reviewing all their discography and new songs, taking the audience to a musical ecstasy, in a top-level sounding evening. Jesús Alberto Navarro Rosas, Julio Ramírez Eguía and Gilberto “Bibi” Marín, will show off their charisma and talent on stage to captivate the hearts of their fans.

As a special guest they will have the musician, singer and composer of Puerto Rican origin, “Pedro Capó”. who will do their thing on stage, infecting those present with their well-known themes, which will surely be chanted by all.

The concert will be held on Thursday June 13, at 9:00 P.M at the Roberto Durán Arena. Tickets are on sale at Panatickets.

“Reik” is a Mexican Latin pop band, three young musicians, talented and with their own personality, attributes that earned them a place in the music scene. Its simple debut titled “I Wanted”, allowed them to immediately excel nationally in 2005, with which the release of their first self-titled album quickly became an event.

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Video: Reik - Qué Gano Olvidándote (Video Oficial)
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