Soul Conference 2019

Event Description:

“Soul Conference 2019” is not just a moment, it is a movement. This year as MOVE, it becomes the catalytic conference to bring changes and influence the culture of cities through the creative expression of the local church. The heart behind this conference is to empower the next generation of leaders. In an environment of faith, general sessions, master class, breakouts, pop up, concerts, worship, and the community, will gather as one family to receive inspiration from the Holy Spirit and be equipped.

This great event will be attended by Speakers, who will be responsible for carrying the message and instruction, which will make this experience a great life learning.

– Josh Maxwell: Creative, visionary leader and entrepreneur. Senior pastor and founder of Soul, a community that is emerging as one of the modern movements that are changing church culture and leadership in Panama.

– Emerson Nowotny: strategic, art director and multidisciplinary designer, with a look of innovation, Emerson was born and raised in San Diego, California. With Bolivian and German origins by his father; and Mexican and English, by his mother.

– Living: the Colombian band, is today one of the greatest references of what God is doing in Latin America through worship. With its fresh and avant-garde style, LIVING conveys a message about the love of a good Father who wants to reconcile with humanity.

– Soul: it is an emerging band with a refreshing and relevant adoration for Spanish speaking. Creating sounds that convey the message of grace through textures, melodies and rhythms of the heart.

This great event will take place from October 18 to 20, at the City of Knowledge Athenaeum. The start time will be as follows:

– Friday 18 at 9:00 am
– Saturday 19 at 8:00 am
– Sunday 20 at 4:00 pm

Tickets are on sale at TicketPlus. Includes: Access for three days to all general sessions, preferential access to breakouts, popup, session 1.0 and concert with Living + Soul.

Click on the tickets button and you can see the details of the tickets! For more information: [email protected] or visit the links attached.

Video: Living - Inagotable (Videoclip Oficial)
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