Taller de Yoga para la Mujer

Event Description:

We invite all the women on Tuesday, November 20 to participate in Yoga workshop “Only for Women”. Where you will live a morning of relaxation, getting knowledge about the practice of this discipline, for your benefit you can connect, develop the confidence you need mentally to maintain your physical health completely in a natural way.

You’ll learn:
▪ How to use the YOGA practice in benefit of our menstrual cycle.
▪ What positions are more suitable for practice in those days?
▪ What can we do to generate better well be before, during and after our period?
▪ Sequences of appropriate postures for the vitality, beauty and harmony of your body, as well as restorative and relaxing postures and invite us to connect more with our femininity, which you can easily practice in your daily lives.
▪ Variations of postures and sequences that are adapted to women who are in the period of pre and post menopause, so that they can better understand the new changes in their body.

For more information you can contact the number: +507 6567-0003 or visit the links attached.

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