The Beachers

Event Description:

On Saturday, March 30 from 8:00 P.M. live a unique experience at Fantastic Casino (Chitré), with the live performance of “The Beachers”. You will enjoy a spectacular night where you can relive, dance and remember the good Panamanian folk music. So, activate all your senses and you will feel the flavor of our Caribbean.

“The Beachers”, group is formed in the province of Bocas del Toro under the direction of Lloyd Gallimore, his genre in music is tropical with strong Caribbean rhythm influence, which includes: salsa, bolero, calypso, tipi Salsa (mix of Salsa with typical Panamanian music), etc.

For more information you can contact the number: +507 270-8755 or visit the links attached.

Video: The Beachers - Guataca Nigths
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