Ultimate Combat Challenge 2019

Event Description:

For all lovers of mixed martial arts, comes the 2019 season of the “Ultimate Combat Challenge” with a luxury main bout, where the Ecuadorian Basurto vs. the Panamanian Ramos will meet in the octagon. This will be a fight full of excitement and adrenaline for welterweight.

The night will be full of action to the fullest, as there will be different international matches of which you can enjoy and support your favorite fighter:

1. 135lbs. Ricardo Rivera vs. Jaime Della Sera (Costa Rica vs. Panama).

2. 125lbs. Luis Miguel Acuña vs. Mauricio Partida (Colombia vs Venezuela).

3. 145lbs. Hector Staff vs. Kervin Vilera (Panama vs Venezuela).

4. 135lbs. John Castro vs. Ricardo Caballero (Panama vs. Panama).

5. 145lbs. Alix Rafael Nasser vs. David Ureña (Venezuela vs Panama).

6. 135lbs. Diego Martinez vs. Luis Fernandez (Mexico vs. Panama).

7. 170lbs. Esteban Leiton vs. Edwin Garcia (Costa Rica vs. Panama).

8. 170lbs. Estefano Santa Cruz vs. Ian Moreira (Colombia vs Panama).

9. 185lbs. Luis Hernandez vs. Javier Barter (Mexico vs. Panama).

10. 170lbs. Jose Rabbit vs Jacob Guerrero (Costa Rica vs Panama).

11. 135lbs. Kevin Samaniego vs. Felipe Cisneros (Panama vs. Panama).

12. 135lbs Fernando Castillo vs. Brandon Ticas (Panama vs. Costa Rica).

13. Gabriel Rojas vs. Emiliano Linares (C). (Costa Rica vs Ecuador).

The appointment is Friday, April 12, at 7:00 pm at Fantastic Albrook Casino. Tickets are already on sale at TicketPlus.

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