Youth Speak Festival Panama 2019

Event Description:

“Youth Speak” is a Festival that gathers the voice of young people of Panama, to transform ideas into actions together with the private sector, the public sector and civil organizations and in this way co-create projects that make known and implement the Objectives of Sustainable Development (ODS). In this version the theme works for Youth employability that will be working in three areas:

– Employability Forum: Youth Employability Forum is the most important annual forum of employability of AIESEC in Panama, aimed at organizations that are willing to be the center of attraction and loyalty of potential talents, since today in the labor market 50 % of workers are millennials, and therefore it is essential that organizations give a priority focus to the strategies they have to implement in order to strengthen their Employer Brand.

– JuvenilExpo business: Connected the business sector with young people. The event seeks that more young people may have the opportunity to obtain a decent job in which they develop and become the professionals that Panama needs. For this reason, they have allied with national companies and interrelationships that are betting on the young people of Panama through a fair of professional opportunities. Remember you only have to take your resume and the best attitude!

– ODS Fair: Have the opportunity to meet different organizations that represent each of the Sustainable Development Goals. Connect your passion for Panama with an organization that is looking to change the realities that today we live a more equal future for all.

The event will be held on Saturday, May 25, from 9:00 am at the Convention Center of the City of Knowledge. Free pass.

For information and registration visit the attached link.

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