Amador Ocean View Hotel & Suites

  • ADDRESS: Calzada de Amador, Isla Perico, Amador, Panamá - Report a Problem
  • PHONE: +507-314-3310 | +507-6450-4666
  • EMAIL:
  • Facebook:
  • Parking: Street, Parking Lot/Structure
  • Payment: Cash, Clave, Credit Card
  • ATM: No

Venue Description: The "Amador Ocean View Hotel & Suites" is located in a very beautiful and special area in Panama where you can enjoy a magnificent view of the sea and the beautiful city.

Our rooms come fully equipped with high-end decorations and necessities and are very comfortable.

We are located at just 15 minutes from downtown Panama. We currently offer 45 rooms, each with a private balcony. We include also include breakfast and wireless internet for your room.

In our plaza you will find a variety of restaurants that offer room service at your request. We have a pharmacy, ice cream shops, fruit shops, boutiques, craft shops, bicycle rental and a unique landscape provided by the 6 kilometer road in the middle of the sea. You will also receive the warm and kind attention of our staff that is interested in your welfare and sincerely strives to make you feel at home.
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