Estadio Nacional Rodney Carew

  • ADDRESS: Av. Ricardo J. Alfaro, Vía Puente Centenario, Entrada Cerro Patacón, Vía Centenario, Panama - Report a Problem
  • PHONE: +507-230-4255 | +507-230-4258
  • EMAIL:
  • Parking: Street, Parking Lot/Structure
  • Payment: Cash, Clave, Credit Card
  • Handicapped Accesible: Yes

Venue Description: Seven years ago an idea was born from the hands of a man with the desire to give his country a multifunctional infrastructure, dedicated to the development of sports, cultural activities and healthy recreation. We refer to David Menasche, who along with a group of prominent citizens and visionaries make the Pro Stadium Committee in order to carry out the construction of the National Stadium. Many efforts were made to find much-needed support, but despite the gloomy outlook and many pessimists, not give up and continued their efforts.

The first step would transform a dream into a pleasant reality, the EU took to officially launch the project on 16 July 1996.No less important was the support received from many companies and individuals who were present through the purchase of sky boxes, enabling them to raise a large sum of B / 5,000,000.00, a figure that would help them reach the great goal proposal B / 14,000,000.00, the total project cost.

In addition, the Panamanian people contributes to their bit, giving grants ranging between B7.100.00 and B / .200.00. Through these small but important grants it is estimated to raise B / .1,000.000.00, providing an opportunity for all those fans of the sport, culture and entertainment to make their mark and his name printed in a wall of the Coliseum.

When they had managed to break this huge barrier "lack of support" had to start down a new path, no less difficult, but now accompanied by the certainty that there were many hands that were joined this cause. And they took the first step. Upon reaching the green lands where the National Stadium would rise, you could imagine how it would emerge this great work. On March 17, 1997 began work earthmoving, tearing at full speed without stopping. It was thus gradually took shape: the first structures, boxes and stands, facilities for athletes or artists, for the press, radio and television, placing the grass of the field, the infantile stage, etc.

Two years have passed since construction work began. Two years during which a large group of professionals and workers, men and women Panamanians, have joined to see embodied a dream and to give the country one of the most important works of recent decades. On July 31, 1999 the National Stadium opened its doors to thousands of Panamanians proudly forever will enjoy all the facilities offered by this magnificent work.
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