Teatro ABA

  • ADDRESS: Transístmica, frente al Riba Smith, Bethania, Panama - Report a Problem
  • PHONE: +507-260-6316
  • EMAIL:
  • WEBSITE: teatroaba.com
  • Facebook: facebook.com/AureaHorta
  • Parking: Street
  • Payment: Cash
  • ATM: No
  • Capacity: 170
  • Handicapped Accesible: Yes

Venue Description: The ABA Theatre opened on March 30, 2000 with the premiere of the comedy "Who understands women." Half of the productions presented at the ABA ABA is Artistic Productions. The other half is rented to interested producers.
The ABA Theatre has 170 comfortable seats, lobby, three dressing rooms sleeping 3-4 people each. A modern lighting system and a programmable 24-channel console. It is located in one of the busiest avenues in the city. It has a bright sign where the work is in theaters advertised.

Remodeled and redecorated this year. The ABA theater with a more elegant atmosphere, is the favorite of the audience.

Every year we present 10 to 12 productions for adults and 3 or 4 productions for children and schools. The hall is also rented for graduations and prom presentations of ballet schools and action.


Is the theater group formed by Anina Horta, Baby Torrijos and Aurea Horta.

It began in 1990 featuring the comedy "THE MAIDEN IS DANGEROUS" in a production like "cooperative" coordinated by Anina and Aurea. in the hit comedy also they participated Carlos Bromley who acted and directed. First actress Delia Cucalón. The super actor Juan Carlos Cervantes (RIP) and Ofer Hasky in his theatrical debut. This work was presented at the Teatro Circulo for a total of 26 performances.

The ABA group the following year he moved to The Dome theater where he produced most of the works presented in this decade. Some of the most famous were "The Stork Dad Not There", "The Good The Bad and The Ugly," "Taxi", "two up and one down", "Among Women", "Separate Beds" and "Ladies Room "Today ABA has produced a total of nearly 70 works. More than 2,500 performances. Among comedies, dramas, children and music. Most of these works are led by Baby Torrijos, but directors like Daniel Gómez Nates, Charles Bromley, Aurelio Paredes, Juan Manuel Ferrer, Edwin Cedeño and Pablo Salas has directed plays for ABA.

After 10 years of producing theater and performing at different venues around town (Circulo Theater, Teatro La Cupula, Huaca Theater and the National Theater.), ABA Artistic Productions (Anina, Baby and Aurea Horta) decided to open his own Hall. The ABA Theatre located in front of the Super Transístmica market Riba Smith. This opened on March 30, 2000 with the premiere of the comedy "Who understands women." In this room is more reminiscent of "The Brawl" "That Best Duet", "Sex with Formed Criteria", the two versions of "Pedro Navaja" and "A plumber Duster". In children we have also presented "Pinocchio," "Cinderella" and "Alice in Wonderland".

In the ABA Theatre acting classes for children, youth and adults they are also given eager to learn these arts. The courses started from the living room opening in 2000. Each year about 150 students take acting classes because there are two courses a year. The summer course with a duration of 6 weeks (3 times a week) and regular course with a duration of 6 months (Saturday). Many of the new players we see on stage and television are graduates of the courses of action of ABA Theatre.

Throughout these 18 years of artistic production ABA has formed new drama groups presenting their works independently that are liked by the audience. The group acts and applause group.
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